Saturday, January 22, 2005

The last knitters

I just wanted to say welcome to the new knitalongers that I've added to the list. I'm extremely stressed out at the moment since I'm moving next weekend, so please e-mail me if I haven't e-mailed you the patterns. Also include your 'list' name in the mail...because it is kinda hard for me to know who %¤&¤ is =)
We're 55 knitter...that is more than I ever expected when I put this thing together. Good luck with your projects...I really look forward to see your Hello Kitty stuff =)


Blogger Jenanne said...

I'm afraid my email to you was returned - it won't go through. My email addy is and I haven't received the patterns as yet. :-/ I'm looking forward to knitting these things though!! Thanks for writing them up for us all to use!

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Oslofia,
sorry to bother you, I received a request to join Blogger Invite but have not dared to do so as thisis a work PC and I think it is not correct create a blogger account on these circumstances. Would it be possible for me to join the Knit along (I see my name is on the list) by email and submitting photos and comments also by email?.
Looking forward to hearing form you but dont stress out with moving and everything. I can start the sweater back and arms anyway cause I have to recalculate for 6 years old.
Thnaks for taking the time to help me
Barbara (
email was returned

1:48 AM  
Blogger Sue said...

hi - I've tried to send you an email about joining the knitalong but I haven't received any replies.. can you let me know if you've received my email.. :) Thanks!!

11:33 AM  

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