Saturday, March 12, 2005

Daniela's sweater is done!

Today I finished the Hello Kitty jumper at last. Overall, I am pretty pleased with the result. This was my first attempt at intarsia knitting and had to rip up the motif the first time halfway through, because I had not twisted the yarn properly. Thankfully, the jumper turned out quite large, so my daughter will be able to wear it next winter, now that spring is almost upon us. The next top will have to be a cotton mix.

Thank you very much for hosting such an inspiring and fun knit along! It made me pick up my kneedles after years and years of abstinence. I definitely caught the knitting bug again, and have already got myself enough yarn for quite a few projects.

Look forward to your next knit along!
Take care

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Daniella's sweater

Here's Daniella's first progress picture =)

Bonuspattern: Hello Kitty Poncho

Here's the secret bonuspattern item, which is a poncho. This picture is quite bad...but I'll try to post a better picture tomorrow. The bottom 'rows' has a pattern with hearts made up of purlknitting on stockinette knitting. I think that it could be nice to knit full white hearts as well, but I wanted a more plain poncho for me. I'll write up the pattern tonight, and I'll add some more tips for changing the pattern. Its made up with thick wool, so it took like two evenings to make it. That's the beauty with of thick yarn =)

I hope you have had/and will have a good time knitting up the patterns I designed for this knitalong. It has been fun to do this project as well as hosting the knitalong. I will most defiantly do something like this again in the autumn...and I will follow the progress on your knits =)

Take care, Oslofia