Friday, January 07, 2005

The Sketch

This was my initial idea for the Hello Kitty outfit that I made in December. I'm happy to see that the sweater is coming out hopefully the rest will too. Since I suspect that some of you just want to make the handbag for yourself (am I right or what?)...I made an additional pattern for a larger one that will suit an 'adult', of course with a HUGE Hello Kitty on it =)

I've been visiting some friends tonight, that has a 4 months old baby girl. I did some measuring on her...that cuuuute little thing. I will knit her the sweater and a hat along with you guys when we start up. I just thought that it would be sad to not participate in the knitalong myself after I finish up my daughters set!!! Have a nice weekend =)


Blogger Chie said...

I'd love a large bag with huge HK on it!!! :D

6:53 PM  

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